In order to gain experience working with Children I did two weeks work experience at First Steps Nursery in Merstham. The experience was much more emotional than I was expecting and also made me question early years education in England. I discuss these topics in the following clip.

I have recently started a Teaching English as a Second Language course. I took this course because the qualification offers me the opportunity to travel and earn money at the same time. However, I have encountered a number of obstacles whilst completing the course, In this clip I tell my tutor about some of the difficulites I have faced.

In order to improve my oral communication I have been working at a local radio station called Susy FM 103.4 as a news reporter. As a result of this work experience I have developed a greater interest in radio broadcasting and I have had an opportunity to improve both my spoken presentation and written communication. I feel also that I have been able to network with people who will help me in finding further opportunities in radio broadcasting. Here I am speaking to my mentor about the experience.
Here is a clip of me presenting the news