In order to gain experience working with Children I did two weeks work experience at First Steps Nursery in Merstham. The experience was much more emotional than I was expecting and also made me question early years education in England. I discuss these topics in the following clip.

I have recently started a Teaching English as a Second Language course. I took this course because the qualification offers me the opportunity to travel and earn money at the same time. However, I have encountered a number of obstacles whilst completing the course, In this clip I tell my tutor about some of the difficulites I have faced.

In order to improve my oral communication I have been working at a local radio station called Susy FM 103.4 as a news reporter. As a result of this work experience I have developed a greater interest in radio broadcasting and I have had an opportunity to improve both my spoken presentation and written communication. I feel also that I have been able to network with people who will help me in finding further opportunities in radio broadcasting. Here I am speaking to my mentor about the experience.
Here is a clip of me presenting the news
As a reach the end of my experience I need to reflect on my learning and development over the past year. This conversation with my mentor is the first time I have reflected on my overall development in my first year at university.

During my easter holidays I performed in a production of Lysistrata, a production which was a collaberation between the Univesity theatre group and a professional theatre group, I learnt many things during this process.


Part of my time during first year was spent trying to do activities that may assist me in my future career. I have begun to consider broadcasting as a possible career path and have become a reporter for the university newspaper in order to gain experience in media.


One of the goals in my personal development plan is to maintain and improve my sense of wellbeing but what do I understand by this? I participated in a Lifewide Education survey and interview which helped me reflect on and explain my understandings.

I think of wellbeing as being healthy and looking after yourself.  I mean not just my physical wellbeing, like eating healthy, doing exercise, looking after yourself, but also my mental wellbeing, I think it is important to try to get a balance in life, so that mentally you’re fine, you’re not over stressed or over worked or anything like that. So for me wellbeing is about seeking a balance in life. Having said this when I completed the questionnaire for the survey it made me realise that it involves lots of other things.


I have begun to write for the student newspaper at university, in writing for the newspaper I have developed my writing skills, as well as my skills at interviewing. I started writing for Impact in the hope in would improve my job prospects for a career in new media.
Following my return to University after Christmas, I joined several new societies, one of these was an Improvisation society, I also Participated in a Performance of Lytistrata in the hope it would provide me with a creative outlet.
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